Blue Bears try their paw at gardening
Blue Bears try their paw at gardening

“Buzz-z-z-z-z-, buzz-z-z-z-z,” Blue Bear dreams about a hollow tree filled with bees making delicious honey. Blue smiles, almost able to taste the sweetness.
“Who-o-o-o plans to sleep all day to-o-o-day? Who-o-o-o?”
Blue Bear’s eyes fly open, blinking against the bright sun. Mouth watering with the memory of the dream, Blue wishes to go back to sleep.
In the leafy branches above, Wise Owl hoots the question again: “Who-o-o-o plans to sleep all day to-o-o-day? Who-o-o-o?”
“Pots o’ honey!” Blue exclaims. “I’ve overslept! Where are the cubs? They must be famished!”
“Who-o-o-o do-o-o-o you-ou-ou think has been up for hours already?”
“The cubs?” Blues asks. “But where? Have you seen them, Wise Owl? Are they okay? Have they gotten themselves into mischief?”
“They have gotten themselves into a garden,” Wise Owl replies. “Follow me.”
Blue gallops across a meadow, following the shadow of Wise Owl, who flies overhead with a great beating of wings.
“Do-o-o-o try to be a bit more quiet,” Wise Owl commands. “You-ou-ou don’t need to frighten the humans.”
Blue comes to an abrupt stop and peers beyond the bushes where Owl has landed. On the other side of the hedge stretches a wide expanse of field. Blue looks up and down the rows of humans at work in the soil. “Where is Azure? Where is Cobalt? Do the humans have them? Are the cubs okay?”
Owl points a great wing toward the edge of the field. Blue sighs a great sigh of relief at the sight of Azure and Cobalt struggling with a shovel. Ignoring Owl’s earlier warning, Blue scampers across the field to them. The humans who are working nearby pay no mind to Blue.

Still, Blue whispers upon reaching the cubs: “What are you cubs up to? What are doing with that shovel?”
“We’re planting a garden,” Azure announces.
“Not just any garden,” Cobalt adds, “but an organic garden.”
“I don’t understand…” Blue ponders aloud.
“An organic garden means we aren’t using any human-made fertilizers or pesticides to grow our vegetables,” Cobalt patiently explains. “Our garden is one hundred percent natural.”
“We’re creating a whole ecosystem,” Azure elaborates, “and everything will be healthier because of it: the plants, the soil and even the insects.”
“The honey bees?” asks Blue. “We’ve got to protect the honey bees so they can keep on making honey. But why are you planting a garden now? And why with the humans? Aren’t they supposed to be fighting to keep the pipeline away? Why are they out here digging in the dirt instead?”
“Who-o-o-o would have thought?” hoots Wise Owl, “but the humans have figured out yet another way to slow down the pipeline. They have decided to plant organic gardens. Then some bigger body of humans, some agency or administration, will declare this valley an Organic District.”
“You can’t build a pipeline through an Organic District?” Blues asks.
“A pipeline company can, but it makes the whole project cost a lot more money. A pipeline company will have to make many changes to protect the Organic District from getting polluted or damaged. These humans hope that the pipeline company doesn’t want to spend that much money or go to all the trouble, and so the pipeline will be built somewhere else.”
Blue frowns. “That may be fine for these humans, in this valley, for the pipeline to move somewhere else, but there will be bears in the next valley where the pipeline goes, and probably humans too.”
“You are exactly right,” says Owl. “But then these humans in this valley plan to travel to any other valley where the pipeline may go, and teach the humans there how to plant organic gardens.”
“See,” says Cobalt, “soon every valley will be an Organic District. And what is the pipeline company going to do then?”
“That will send them back to the drawing board, I should think,” Owl guesses. “They will have to come up with a different plan.”

Would you like to learn how to create an organic garden or farm? Go to the website below for all sorts of information on organic certification.

Organic District: an idea shared by our Monroe County, WV friends in solidarity against MVP Pipeline.