Blue Bears in the Blued Trees

Blue Bear woke late and stretched. How strange it seems to be back in this Valley that was once Blue’s home. Wait! Where are the cubs? Blue feels panic and looks around wildly! Then from behind some bushes comes the sound of little bear-giggles.

“Good morning!” Blue calls out, as the two cubs come into view. “Is it my imagination, or do your coats look bluer than usual?”

 “Silly Blue,” giggles Azure. “It’s blue paint.”

 Blue paint?” Blue responds. “What are you doing with the blue paint?”

 “Well, I’m painting with it,” Azure explains, holding up a blue-dipped paint brush. “But Cobalt is drinking it.”

 Cobalt, is that true?” Blue worries that the little cub will be sick. “Are you drinking the paint?”

 Cobalt removes paws from muzzle to reveal a creamy white ring circling a little pink mouth. “Not drinking the paint,” Cobalt protests, “drinking the buttermilk.”

 “The paint is made with buttermilk, and it’s slowed our whole project down, with Cobalt drinking the milk before we can get the blue pigment mixed in,” Azure complains.

 “But I don’t understand,” says Blue, still rubbing sleep from eyes. “What project? What are you painting?”

 “Who-o-o-o knew? Who-o-o-o knew?” Wise Owl hoots, swooping to land in the oak tree that Blue has been sleeping under. “Who-o-o-o knew that right away Azure and Cobalt would find a project to fight the pipeline? They are painting trees blue in hope of keeping the pipeline away.”

“What?” asks Blue. “Are pipelines afraid of blue trees?”

“No, but blue trees are Art,” Azure patiently explains. “And the humans believe that if they create Art along the pipeline path, then the pipeline will have to go away. You can’t destroy Art for the sake of planting a pipeline.”

 “Is that true, Wise Owl?” Blue asks their friend who usually knows the answers to all questions.

 “The humans are hopeful,” Owl replies. “They call it the Blued Trees Project. They say that the more trees that get painted, the more visible and powerful this Artwork will be. They say that the Art is copyrighted and that copyrighting offers some protection. I guess it will all end up in the humans’ court system, to get tested. Some judges will have to decide if Art really can stop a pipeline. But in the meantime, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.”

Would you like to participate in Blued Trees?

From website:

HELP MAKE WAVES: The more trees that get painted, the more visible and powerful this artwork will be. Already, others have started painting trees on their property. Any willing landowner may join the “Greek Chorus,” as part of the Blued Trees Symphony, by painting a wave “note” on one tree or more, preferably roadside for visibility. You may be along the route of the AIM pipeline, or another pipeline. How beautiful will it be to see these trees popping up all over the Northeast, and how will the public respond when they learn what these mysterious painted trees symbolize? 

Instructions for mixing the buttermilk slurry and painting your own Blued Trees can be found at this website:

Send a photo of your “blued” tree with GPS coordinates to Rahmani, who will continue — throughout 2015 — to gather and map all the Blued Trees. Contact: Aviva Rahmani 207 863 0925  or or


Painting trees to make waves in the forest with Nancy V., Earth Guardians: Sam, Aidan and Christian. The Blued Trees launch site is in the corridor for the proposed Algonquin pipeline expansion for “natural” gas that would be installed 105′ from the Indian Point nuclear plant facility in Peekskill, NY.